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  • SurfaceExchangeTM

SURFACExchange operates an electronic derivatives marketplace offering institutional clients a transaction venue for matching foreign exchange derivatives including globally sourced price discovery, liquid and bespoke trading strategies, transaction anonymity, and straight-through processing of all transactions hosted on the platform. SURFACExchange™ provides the most diverse derivatives platform on the market, encompassing a wide range of vanilla and highly-customized volatility products across G10 options and forwards. The SURFACExchange Matching Engine is the world’s first central limit order book in FX derivatives

  • RubiconFXTM

Rubicon is an end-to-end proprietary foreign exchange product suite owned by Atlas Financial Technologies(AFT). The core product is the Rubicon FX price generation engine. Other pieces of the technology include a smart liquidity aggregator, liquidity management, order routing system, risk management tools and controls.

  • BondQuantumTM

BondQuantum is a comprehensive bond risk analytics tool. Our proprietary Advanced Algorithm Engine calculates scores and ratings using the most recent fundamental historical, financial, local and global economic conditions and demographic data. The system automatically generates a Financial Stability Score, in-depth Bond Credit Analysis report and a Score Composition Graph that highlights the issuer’s exposure to external factors such as demographic and economic changes.